Timeshare Legals No Longer Associated with Olton Alexander

Timeshare Legals – Is No longer Associated with Olton Alexander Limited.

On 1st January 2019 Timeshare Legals merged with Olton Alexander, Timeshare Legals was the trading name of Olton Alexander Limited. Our agents and staff work with and became a payment agents for Olton Alexander. Due to lack of commitment from Olton Alexander, Timeshare Legals severed its partnership with the company on 30th June 2019. Timeshare Legals is no longer a trading name of Olton Alexander and is now the trading name of Timeshare Legals Limited. Timeshare Legals Limited has no association with Olton Alexander.

Its has been quite apparent over the last few weeks if not months, that the increasing number of clients are complaining to Timeshare Legals about Olton Alexanders performance and commitment to pursuing their claims has been extremely lacking. Moreover, very little or no works have been done. We have been frantically trying to help with the problems, the clients are facing from Olton and with the promise from Olton that this will be rectified. It has now  become increasingly apparent that this has not been done.

Olton Alexander has been telling clients that they have had no money from clients, when we have proof that they have been paid and emails from Olton confirming they have indeed received money from TSL regarding the clients claims matters.

We are concerned that this leaves worried clients hanging in the balance and casting doubt and blame to Timeshare Legals.

The time has now come to be completely transparent with the clients. We will be putting it on our website, that we have no connection with Olton Alexander. Moving forward we will be discussing various options with these clients. We will NOT be defending Olton Alexander’s position anymore, nor taking any responsibility for the lack of communication or work not been done by Olton Alexander Limited. We here at TSL also had trust in Olton Alexander Limited that the work would be carried out.

If the client is completely dissatisfied with Olton’s behaviour, they may be able to disengage from Olton Alexander Limited.

Timeshare Legals Limited, will not be referring those clients to another Law Panel or another FCA Regulated company to complete their claims, however if you feel that above relates to you. Please to contact us regarding the above, please feel free to do so. We are here to help.

We want to make it clear to clients that if they wish to make further complaints regarding Olton Alexander Limited, they will be advised to go to the correct regulated governing bodies or companies that are there to protect you.


The Timeshare Legals Team

Be Aware of Bogus Claims Companies


Please be aware of dubious companies approaching you, either themselves or by a third-party offering services to claim back monies for Timeshare properties. In January 2019, to conduct a financial claim for a client or company, you must be Authorised or Regulated.

If the company has no proof that they are Regulated, our advice is to stay well clear from them. If you feel you have been approached or contacted by a company that you feel unsure of, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange a FREE assessment to see if you have a valid claim or not, via the Spanish or UK Litigation process.



Timeshare Legals are delighted to announce that we are now working with Three additional Law Panels. Meaning that we are now currently in partnership with a total of Six Law Panels. This is a result of a high volume of clients that have been coming in through our website. Additionally, we have a vast number of clients coming in via third-party partners.

Currently we are noticing a high Volume of clients who are unhappy with and are looking to reclaim their money back Especially from ITRA, EZE Group, Club La Costa, Silverpoint, Diamond Resorts and Monster Travel.

We have a proven track record of claiming money back for our clients from the companies mentioned above. Some still training some not.

If you feel that you have been mis sold or mistreated by any of the above companies or any other company, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you and for a free assessment of your claim matters to see if you have a valid claim.

If you do have a valid Claim, we are able to process the s.75 Claims in house to enable a fast and effective upheld claim.

Club La Costa Clients Litigation Update

Club La Costa Clients Litigation Update

Third Batch of Clients Awarded Litigation Funding & A.T.E Insurance

We are pleased to announce today, that our third batch of clients have now been passed over to both UK and Spanish Law Panels, who specialise in recovering client’s monitories back and releasing them from the burden of their Timeshare contracts.

Litigation Update

As you are aware this isn’t an easy task as some may think. There are many different processes and guidelines that we must establish. One of these being the line of credit.

Once our Legal team have reviewed the claim matters and have prepared the bundle with all the correct information and documentation, we are then able to pass the bundle over to the Funders and A.T.E Insurers, they then review the file and confirm the validity of the claim matters.


A.T.E Insurance on that basis is then granted, the funder will then fund the litigation and costs, for the clients claim matters to be processed through the relevant court, whether it be in the UK or Spain. The bundle is then passed on to the relevant Law Panel where the court proceedings will begin. The process through the courts can take anywhere from 9 months up to 2 years.

75% Chance of Claim being Upheld

Here at Timeshare Legals, we ensure that if we take your claim matters on, we will only do so if clients have a valid claim(s) or that they have more than a 75% chance of their claim being upheld so that clients receive their money back and are released from the Timeshare burden.

If you feel that you have been mis-sold either by Club La Costa or any other Timeshare companies, we will review all your paperwork to make sure you have valid claim or not free of charge.


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Busting the myths against timesharelegals.co.uk with

CLC being ‘creative’ with the truth.

First of all…

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

Regarding CLC’s sales and marketing operation in the Canary Islands, especially in Tenerife.

The facts are this…


The huge sales deck on top of the shops which took over the whole of the top building next door to the Aqua Spa on Calle Galicia, with up to 200, if not more Club La Costa sales staff both cold line and in house and also marketing staff, is NO LONGER! It is an empty shell!

Skeleton Staff

The operation there has STOPPED! It is all locked up. We understand there is only a very small number of around 10-15 skeleton staff operating from the Monterey. A far cry from previous years.

So, the fact is that Club La Costa still have a very small sales operation. However, this has been vastly reduced by 90-95%. The facts for this are simple…

People are not buying Timeshare, dodgy rental investment programmes, promises of buy back anymore, or over inflated property prices, to lure people into spending their hard-earned money!

One other main fact is…

That you don’t need to own Timeshare anymore to stay at any CLC resorts. You can go there cheaper from third party websites such as booking.com, loveholidays.com, travelrepublic.com to name a few. So…. Why would you pay any upfront costs for buying a timeshare in the first place, with ever increasing maintenance fees that continue to go up, when you can just book from a third-party website, which is cheaper than the annual maintenance costs!

 Sunningdale in Tenerife

Great News that Club La Costa also stated in their newsletter, that they are increasing their investment into construction of luxury apartments next to Sunningdale in Tenerife, yes the waste ground which has continued to be a waste ground for the last 20 years!



Cold Calling? Not us!

As for cold calling……WE DO NOT DO THIS! We work with third party companies who introduce the clients to us. We have over 100 clients in litigation as we speak.

In fact, we have on a day to day basis clients contacting ourselves through family and friends who have also been sold down the merry path of the timeshare company.

The fact is a simple one…. All our clients who enter into litigation are fully protected via A.T.E Insurance and in most cases Legal Litigation Funding is provided for them. So, there is no risk to them or their estate. In entering Litigation to recover back their monies that they feel that they have been mis-sold to by CLC Resorts.


Smoke screen

We feel Club La Costa is creating a smoke screen, to stop unhappy members entering into litigation with either ourselves or other reputable claims companies, by using scare tactics in newsletters to cast shadows and put doubt into client’s mind to not go into litigation.


The fact is a simple one…

If Club La Costa and other Timeshare companies hadn’t mis-sold or mis-led the clients into buying into Timeshare/Investment/Freehold property in the first place, then there would be no need for us claim companies to be in existence if they had sold the product correctly in the first place!!


If you feel that you have been mis-sold or mis-lead or been sold false promises, not happy and want to claim your money back and terminate your contract through the Courts LEGALLY! Please contact us. We have Legal funding in place if needed, A.T.E Insurance to protect you and your estate and UK & Spanish Law firms ready and waiting to take your matters on. Despite what Club La Costa say we are here to help you.

And Finally…

Let’s be honest….Do you believe what they have told you for the past 15-20 years?




Silverpoint Vacation SL Closes Resale Operations


As you are all aware Timeshare Legals is involved with  two high court group actions and on going proceedings against Barclay partner finance and Silverpoint / resort properties.

Group Action Against Silverpoint

This is for clients who have bought into a resell investment program with the promise that their timeshare weeks or investments portfolio would be resold at a greater profit (normally within 1 or 2 years – is the salesman’s pitch).

Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds

Most of our clients have lost tens of thousands of pounds and in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds – all based on the promise that these weeks would be sold at a later date.

The reason for the court proceedings is that we believe that the clients were mis-sold investments that had a minimal possibility of materialising.

Closing Resale Operations

This has now left hundreds of our clients with unwanted timeshare or investment weeks and no chance of resale. The reason for this is that Silverpoint SL has closed its resale operations. This is as of today – see copy of email sent to customers below.

Our insiders inform us that Silverpoint may be forming a new company to lure clients to get out of the old investments into new lucrative ones. Be aware – contact us immediately.

If you feel that you feel that you have been mis-sold or misled or misrepresented please contact us – click here to see if you can be added to the ongoing new claim proceedings




Lions Resorts / Barclay Partner Finance

Barclays Partner FinanceLions Resorts / Barclay Partner Finance

Timeshare Legals are happy to announce that we have introduced 78 claimants into the High Courts of London. These proceedings were issued on the 14th December 2017, against Barclay Partner Finance/Lions Resorts for breach of contract. Working alongside Olton Alexander whose Law panel is Edwin Coe LLP.

Brief details of claim:

This is a claim against the defendant pursuant to ss 56 and 75 of the consumer credit act 1974 (“the Act”) for breach of contract/breach of statutory duty/misrepresentation committed by Lion Resorts Limited and/or associated companies for which the defendant is liable in accordance with the Act.

If you feel that you have been mis-sold or wrongfully put into a Barclay Partner Finance agreement with the above, please contact us by clicking here.

Diamond Resorts Customers – Act Now to Claim Money Back

Diamond Resorts - Claim Your Money Back Now

Diamond Resorts – Claim Your Money Back Now

Diamond Resorts have closed all their European resorts.

Diamond Resorts Take Over

After a take over last year this is what we foresaw that this would happen

Times is Running Out

If you feel that you were mis-sold timeshare by Diamond Resorts, you need to act now to claim all monies back before its too late to do so.

Timeshare Legals Can Help

Timeshare legal has the expertise and capacity to quickly act on any claim you may have. It has a proven track record in this area. If you would like to know more information and find out how we might be able to help you, contact us by visiting our contact us page here.

Great News – Funding Granted for Our Current Cases

We are really pleased to announce that all our leads have been passed over to our funders and they have all agreed to provided finances for the legal aspects of the cases.


All our clients now have the funding to proceed.

We are now engaged with leading law firms in Turkey and Spain.

Turkey and Spain

The Turkish Law firm in involved is releasing customers from their freehold timeshare properties under section 1408 of the consumer credit act 1974. In addition the leading law firm in Spain has been dealing with points or fractional ownership from a range of reports. This money is being claimed through the Spanish courts.

Our Commitment

Timeshare legal is committed to getting the best deal for our clients and we have a proven track record of success.

If you would like to know more about our timeshare relinquishment services please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page here.


Newsflash – Silverpoint to Close by The End of the Year, Sparking Fears of a Cover Up Exit.

With reference to a recent article, published by the Timeshare Consumer Association, it is looking like that Silverpoint SL, will be pushed into closure by its owner, before the end of the year is out.

Sinister Developments from Silverpoint

In more sinister developments it is looking like a third party may be brought in, to work with Silverpoint to ‘help’ clients relinquish their timeshare investments.

It seems very strange that the owner would want to encourage his clients to exit timeshare and make a claim against him and the resort.

One possible reason is once a client signs up for help with their claim not a lot happens; other than they become locked into a claim, and it becomes impossible to file another one.

Damage Limitation

At best this is a damage limitation exercise where the owner would take a commission from each claimed filed.

At worst,  by binding client to claim company contract, to which the entity has exclusivity – and doing nothing – the client will be locked in to an unfulfilled claim, as they run into their six year expiry.

Our Opinion?

If you are looking for help to relinquish your timeshare, you would be better off looking at one of the independent companies out there.

Timeshare Legals, is here to help you and has no affiliation with any timeshare company owner or resort.

You can contact us by visiting our contact page here.