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I can’t believe how professional and swiftly they got me out of my timeshare contract.
B JenkinsBristol
Early Bird Offer

Huge Expansion

Due to a huge expansion of our Timeshare Reclamation operations we are proud to announce the opening of our Tenerife offices. This gives us wider flexibility to service our clients, and work with them at a range of different levels.

To request a free telephone consultation with one of our claims advisers please fill in our contact form. Alternatively call us on 01923 882 960 or email us your enquiry to

Respected Law Panels

We work with the highly respected law panel JLCA & AS, JLCA Campbell and Associates and other law panels, who are expert in dealing with mis-sold timeshare. Not only will they help to cancel your Spanish timeshare contract, but they will aim to claim your money back.

JLCA & AS are currently representing hundreds of clients, with absolute success, involved in frauds and other illegalities in sales contracts for Timeshare products in various holiday resorts in Spain.

Law Panel
Early Bird Offer

Early Bird Offer

Why not take advantage of some of our Early Bird Offers and stay at a fantastic resort in Tenerife. At the same time you can meet with one of our representatives where we can assess your claim. This really is assessment in the sun.

Remember, all our representatives have a no pressure approach and just explain the facts to you.  You will not be forced into handing any monies over to. It really is a totally FREE consultation.

We have partnerships with non timeshare resorts for you to stay in.

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To find out more you can hear us on the radio with Find out more about what we do and the full process of making a claim from start to finish. You can also listen to some of success stories and determine if we are right for you.