Silverpoint Vacation SL Closes Resale Operations


As you are all aware Timeshare Legals is involved with  two high court group actions and on going proceedings against Barclay partner finance and Silverpoint / resort properties.

Group Action Against Silverpoint

This is for clients who have bought into a resell investment program with the promise that their timeshare weeks or investments portfolio would be resold at a greater profit (normally within 1 or 2 years – is the salesman’s pitch).

Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds

Most of our clients have lost tens of thousands of pounds and in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds – all based on the promise that these weeks would be sold at a later date.

The reason for the court proceedings is that we believe that the clients were mis-sold investments that had a minimal possibility of materialising.

Closing Resale Operations

This has now left hundreds of our clients with unwanted timeshare or investment weeks and no chance of resale. The reason for this is that Silverpoint SL has closed its resale operations. This is as of today – see copy of email sent to customers below.

Our insiders inform us that Silverpoint may be forming a new company to lure clients to get out of the old investments into new lucrative ones. Be aware – contact us immediately.

If you feel that you feel that you have been mis-sold or misled or misrepresented please contact us – click here to see if you can be added to the ongoing new claim proceedings




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